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Enteera was a project close to my heart, as it involved creating an interactive platform that would benefit employees by providing them with monetary benefits to improve their wellbeing. Leveraging the power of React JS with Redux, I created an engaging and intuitive platform that catered to the needs of small companies and large enterprises alike.

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SSD - B2B E-Commerce


As a frontend developer at SSD Albania, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project to revamp their outdated e-commerce platform, which was due for a modernized look and feel to reflect the company's rebranding efforts. My primary objective was to create a responsive, user-friendly, without compromising any of the core functionalities of the platform.

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QR Code Generator


This is a quick and easy tool to use on demand to create QR codes and use them everywhere you like.

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Virus Free


This is a React JS project, which uses the Virus Total API. Using this API the application allows users to scan urls and files, and get a result based on various engines whether the url or the file is malicious or not.